The Write Structure Bundle

The Write Structure Bundle

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Better Together

Now that you are ready to dive into writing your book with The Write Structure, why not pair it with The Write Plan Planner?

The Write Structure

Great books don't happen by accident, but by writers who understand consciously or unconsciously, principles hidden within the best stories. These common-sense principles are easy to learn, but they drive the success (or failure) of best-selling, award winning novels and films.

Now, with The Write Structure, writers can learn these principles and quickly apply them to their own writing projects.

Using simple, universal terminology and easy-to-grasp visualizations, The Write Structure uncovers the hidden truths of the best stories, allowing new and advances writers to better understand their own stories and make them better.

If you want to write a bestselling book or a screenplay ready to become a major feature, purchase a copy of The Write Structure and turn your story ideas into finished, published works.

The Write Plan Planner

Designed by writers for writers, The Write Planner has everything you need to turn your idea into a finished book.

With The Write Plan planner, you’ll:

  • Plan your book writing process. The planner begins with ten pages that will guide you through The Write Practice’s proven book plan. You’ll decide what your book is about, how and when you’ll write, and what steps you’ll take when the book is finished to edit your book and get it published.
  • Structure your story. The next ten pages will show you how to use timeless story structure principles to develop your book idea into a clear story plan. Whether you’re a pantser or a planner, these pages will give you the structure you need to write your best book.
  • Plan and review your writing week. Every week begins with Weekly Planning and ends with a Weekly Review. Plan your writing to stay on track week by week, and perfect your writing process with each week’s review.
  • Write! The heart of the planner is the dozens of daily writing pages that will help you stay focused and make the most of your writing time. Plan what you’ll write each day, then use the Writing Sprints section to hit your word count goal.


    The perfect combination to develop and finish your book.